Petersen Invitational At Thermal

2-Days - 48 Cars - 1 Track

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February 21st & 22nd 

Hot Laps - Live entertainment - gourmet food

For two days in February, a select number of enthusiasts from around the world will converge on the Thermal Racetrack to celebrate the history and pedigree of the automobile. Live entertainment, manufacturer ride & drives, and gourmet food will kick off the event on Saturday. The following morning will continue with manufacturer ride & drives, food, hot laps and track access. in order to participate in the event you'll need to go through our submission process, if you'd like to take your car on the track please fill out the driver submission form. . 

Less than 300 seats remain- submit your information below to receive an invite!


Live Entertainment   -   Gourmet Food   -  Manufacturer Ride & Drives